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Welcome to Zorka's Travel

Updated: Jan 22

At Zorka’s Travel, we would like to give a sincerely warm welcome! We cannot adequately express just how happy we are to kick off this Blog, devoted to you - travelers who are enthusiastic adventurers longing for truly special destinations, coupled with exceptional service and extraordinary travel management experience.

In our Blog, we aim to regularly share a little bit of travel-everything, from the conventional to even the unconventional. Of course, we will share what many come to expect: travel tips and recommendations, meaningful newsworthy events, experiences too good to leave unshared, and inspiring messages meant to deliver on the benefits and importance of journeying to new destinations. Readers may even learn some interesting perspectives from those not often heard from with respect to this industry (more on this later).

No matter what we choose to blog about, what we really strive for is the chance to help you succeed at achieving your ultimate vacation. We are genuinely excited to open doors to a world of wonder and impress you with some amazing in-destination connections. As most would agree, 2020 has been a terrible year, but the new year has brought renewed hope for many, including eager travelers worldwide. Zorka’s Travel is primed and ready to create your unforgettable escape. Thank you for being part of our own journey.


Seaside to Savanna; Luxury experiences in South Africa

Whether it is trekking through the rugged mountains, seeing some of the rarest and most dangerous animals in the world, or taking in the urban sprawl of Cape Town, South Africa has dynamic and luxurious experiences waiting for you. Click below as we share some of the most surprisingly unique and opulent activities this African nation has to offer!

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Bianka Salvador

I named my travel agency after my amazing mother, Zorka, whose father was from Croatia. 


In Croatian, “zorka” means “dawn”—a word that perfectly captures the feeling travel evokes, theanticipation and excitement that bubbles up as you embark on a new journey. Here’s to the “dawning” of your next adventure!  

Explore the many exotic, unique, thrilling, and breathtaking activities that can be prepared just for you! We provide only world-class luxury vacation itineraries, as well as first-in-class information and booking.  No destination is off limits for our jetsetting expertise, so allow us to share a few of our top picks that are sure to give you some travel inspiration for your next vacation.

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