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Explore the many exotic, unique, thrilling, and breathtaking activities that can be prepared just for you! We provide only world-class luxury vacation itineraries, as well as first-in-class information and booking.  No destination is off limits for our jetsetting expertise, so allow us to share a few of our top picks that are sure to give you some travel inspiration for your next vacation.

Itinerary - Croatia
  • Take in Croatia’s rich history by visiting Roman ruins, medieval castles, and more.

  • Sail around the Adriatic Sea, visiting islands and taking in the pristine azure waters.

  • Enjoy Croatia’s fantastic culinary scene featuring opulent seafood dishes and more.

  • Sample locally produced wine from Croatia’s Hvar Island as you sail down the Dalmatian coastline.

  • Fantasy meets reality in the majestic city of Dubrovnik. A Medieval walled city that overlooks the wondrous bright sea below.


Once Europe’s best-kept secret, Croatia has become a star destination. Come and explore this hidden gem bearing the legacy of ancient empires that weave together to form a one-of-a-kind history, language, cuisine, architecture, and culture. The Dalmatian coast has a treasure trove of islands to explore and even more to see in the otherworldly city of Dubrovnik.

Itinerary - Sout Korea

South Korea


Futuristic skylines meet ancient mountains that will take your breath away in one instant and fill you with awe the next. South Korea is home to illustrious world-class cities like Busan and Seoul.  Some cities never sleep and offer endless activities with luxury shopping alongside wondrous ancient temples where you can find yourself and feel truly centered.

  • View Seoul's skyline from Namsan and Lotte towers.

  • Experience the tranquility of Korean Buddhism with a Temple Stay experience.

  • Unwind and explore the beaches in Jeju. This gorgeous island recently joined the list of the

       New Seven wonders of Nature.

  • Rent the traditional clothes of royalty and enjoy traditional foods reserved for the royal court.

  • Explore the Boseong Green Tea Field.

Itinerary - Chile



The Andes Mountains and Chile’s Patagonia await eager and intrepid travelers to this wondrous South American nation! Ancient mysteries and luxuriant splendor come together in Chile to make for trips worthy of the history books! Glaciers, mountains, deserts, and even lush forests all call this beautiful land home. Come and see all that Chile has to offer.

  • Sample excellent wine with vineyards tours.

  • Climb the glaciers and imposing mountains of Chile.

  • Take a boat to see the mysterious Easter Island and try to decipher the secrets of the Moai.

  • Take in some museum visits or partake in opulent shopping in Santiago.

  • Brave the waters with white water rafting and hikes up to dormant volcanoes.

Itinerary - Sout Africa

South Africa


This unique African nation is home to sun, surf, savanna, safaris, and an array of amazing adventures for you! Wine and dine outdoors with a South African style cookout, or get a glimpse of the arts and culture of Johannesburg. There is always something spectacular to discover in this amazing locale.

  • Embark on a journey through South Africa's award-wining wineries.

  • Experience a truly unforgettable luxury safari across South Africa.

  • View the majestic landscape from a hot air balloon ride.

  • Experience the art and culture that Johannesburg has to offer or stroll through opulent luxury hotels and shops.

  • Visit awe-inspiring Victoria Falls and cruise the Zambezi River in gourmet style.

  • Visit Cape Town and explore a city full of history, culture, flora, and fauna!

  • Taste some of the most delectable coffee on the globe with a coffee plantation tour and stay.

  • Zipline through jungle canopies and partake in other extreme sports in this wild and exotic nation.

  • Enjoy rest and relaxation at opulent hotels and spas or in private getaways in the jungle.

  • Discover endangered and exotic wildlife on special tours including endangered Atlantic green sea turtles.

  • Traverse mountains and dormant volcanoes to see the ethereal cloud forests.