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World Favorite Restaurant Story

Updated: Jan 20

My husband works for a team of professionals ever in need of keeping the work-from-home experience fun and fresh, for this pandemic is well documented to have taken its toll on creativity and collaboration. To that end, their team meetings always begin with a thought provocative question meant to break the ice at the start their one-hour video conference call.

Recently, the question of the week was to name a restaurant destination anywhere in the world if given the chance to visit. He of course consulted with me afterwards, never the one to experience such a treat without his beloved.

Some quick research was in order next since we did not want to miss out on some undiscovered (to us at least) yet spectacular offerings. To our surprise, some of the destinations happened to be on our bucket list of sorts. Some. There were, however, many more results that were simply put, wonderful, wild, and even maybe a touch weird (a matter of taste, of course).

The point of it all, though, was this idea had grabbed us completely, combining the love of food and uniqueness together with an enchanting destination. We were now so sold on the notion of this kind of travel, after visualizing a fine dining experience while, say, a Kenyan giraffe pokes its head into a nearby window, investigating both us and our entrees. Too tame? How about curiously hungry Bali lions instead?

Our minds further ran wild. What could be better than enjoying some fine French cuisine while comfortably seated at well over 12,000 feet above ground level on the peak of a mountain? Perhaps your answer might be a romantic meal in a hot air balloon in the Netherlands (yes, that is available, too!).

More of an ocean destination traveler, you say? Dine in a majestic cave right off the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Not ‘wet’ enough? How about underwater with a truly magnificent view of Maldives’ active sea life swimming all around you?

If you can dream it, someone has probably created it – and we can help deliver you to it. Give us a call and let us make this one-of-a-kind dream come true for you!


Seaside to Savanna; Luxury experiences in South Africa

Whether it is trekking through the rugged mountains, seeing some of the rarest and most dangerous animals in the world, or taking in the urban sprawl of Cape Town, South Africa has dynamic and luxurious experiences waiting for you. Click below as we share some of the most surprisingly unique and opulent activities this African nation has to offer!

60762c02ee38f16bdf5b8bcd_Bianka Salvador Headshot 2.1.jpg

Bianka Salvador

I named my travel agency after my amazing mother, Zorka, whose father was from Croatia. 


In Croatian, “zorka” means “dawn”—a word that perfectly captures the feeling travel evokes, theanticipation and excitement that bubbles up as you embark on a new journey. Here’s to the “dawning” of your next adventure!  

Explore the many exotic, unique, thrilling, and breathtaking activities that can be prepared just for you! We provide only world-class luxury vacation itineraries, as well as first-in-class information and booking.  No destination is off limits for our jetsetting expertise, so allow us to share a few of our top picks that are sure to give you some travel inspiration for your next vacation.

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